Lois Edmund was trained in psychology at the Rosemead Graduate School of Professional Psychology (Ph.D., 1979) and in theology from the Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminaries. Her private practice in psychology since 1979 has involved therapeutic intervention with individuals and families dealing with a variety of serious trauma, such as physical injury resulting from vehicular accident, family and relational abuse consequences, homicide of a family member, and war-related injuries. She has been active in church leadership. Her teaching activities have been in university-level courses in psychology, practical theology, counselling and group dynamics. Her conflict resolution practice impliments the principles of restorative justice to create transformation in situations of long-term conflict.

Since 1996, Dr. Edmund has been involved in the healing of several cases of child physical, sexual and spiritual abuse which occurred in residential school settings. In each case, the abuse occurred decades earlier, and the effects were experienced widely by individuals, families of origin, children of the survivors, and the institutions which sponsored the original residential school. By utilizing a facilitation process which creates a safe, confidential setting for reporting, Dr. Edmund's intervention has been useful and effective in creating deep healing and transformative outcomes to participants.

Her current professional activities focus on actively transformative conflict and dispute resolution, investigation of events which adversely affect individuals' functioning (for example, relational and power abuse, harassment and trauma), and in teaching of principles for the amelioration of difficulties which result from these trauma.

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