GroupWorks facilitates the resolution of disputes by practicing the principles of restorative justice. While the conventional judicial system results in adversarial relationships, restorative justice seeks to resolve disputes with a parallel goal of bringing healing to all participants.

Our professionals will facilitate planning sessions, meetings, and retreats where professional guidance and intervention will maximize the outcome for your organization

Conflict Resolution

Trained, professional mediators will assist in the resolution of disputes that may undermine the effective functioning of organizations. Mediation can address the complicated internal conflicts that often arise from competing visions, goals, interests and agendas of executives, managers, administrators, staff and board members..


Education results in preventive insight, personal challenge, and skill development for individuals and for groups. Educational activities (workshops, seminars, lectures) which elucidate such topics as the dynamics of healthy and unhealthy relationships, abuse, and violence are available. Educational content will focus on psychological, sociological and theological principles.


Prompt investigation, fact-finding and facilitation of harassment/discrimination complaints increases the likelihood of resolving a problem while avoiding serious litigation costs. When organizations contract investigation to trained neutrals who are accepted as unbiased by all parties, there is a dramatic increase in the resolution of harassment-related complaints. The organization is assured of fulfillment of its responsibilities, and is provided with a comprehensive and defensible report.

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