Education results in preventive insight, personal challenge, and skill development for individuals and for groups. Educational activities (workshops, seminars, lectures) which elucidate such topics as the dynamics of healthy and unhealthy relationships, abuse, and violence are available. Educational content will focus on psychological, sociological and interdisciplinary principles.

All training sessions are customized to clients' specific needs. This occurs in dialogue with principals involved in establishing the training program. What follows is a sample of a training proposal which is an illustration of the breadth of GroupWorks training competencies.

Sample Training Curriculum On Group Facilitation

General Description

This training is designed to provide intensive education in specialized communication and conflict resolution practices. Emphasis will be placed on group dynamics, facilitation of effective group functioning, and on working with conflicted groups. Management and leadership of groups will be explored. Healthy responses to conflict and models for constructive ways to deal with conflict between dyads and groups will be explored. Themes of intense affect and difficult behaviour, creative dimensions of group functioning even when in conflict, mediation, and resolution will be examined from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Learning Objectives

Training Approach and Methods

Sample Curriculum Outline, Group Facilitation

Morning, Day 1

Afternoon, Day 1

Morning, Day 2

Afternoon, Day 2


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